Introduction to ANKOS for Vendors and Publishers

Introduction to ANKOS for Vendors and Publishers ANKOS was established in May 2000, its primary purpose is to co-invest in scholarly electronic resources on behalf of the Consortium member libraries and the researchers they serve. Members can subscribe to the databases or purchase resources institutionally for which ANKOS has signed a license agreement. Each member is responsible to pay its own institutional invoice in a timely manner. Established by 12 libraries in the year 2000, ANKOS has rapidly grown in the past 10 years and became a consortium with a membership of 136 institutions. ANKOS has signed license agreements for 84 online databases in 2010.

In order to make decisions on behalf of ANKOS, Steering Committee, set up by 7 member library directors, meets regularly during the year and guides the Consortium. Working Groups share the tasks of Consortium. Kadir Has University Library serves as ANKOS Center. Mr. Ertugrul Cimen, as Director of the Kadir Has University Library and Documentation Center and ANKOS Chairman, along with the Steering Committee, coordinates the ANKOS and Working Group activities. Aggregators, publishers and database vendors need to follow the following steps in making offers in order to follow the process better and to establish more effective communications with ANKOS. Instructions that arrange the relations between aggregators, publishers, database vendors and ANKOS are compatible with this document.

• Aggregators and publishers should send their offers to ANKOS via the Publisher Application Form , which is available on its Web page, to introduce their products and services, and to inform about their current service model they offer to the Consortium.

• The offer will be evaluated by the ANKOS DEG (Database Evaluation Group) in no more than 30 days from the date it was fully completed and submitted to the system and a feedback will be sent to the proposer.

• If there is an agreement, a trial access should be provided in a suitable time (trial access should be provided by the end of October in given year). • Institutional level usage statistics should be provided after the trial period is over.

• The License Agreements Working Group of ANKOS receives the standard license agreements that were sent by the publishers and vendors and reviews their compliance with the Turkish National Site Licensing (TRNSL), and on behalf of ANKOS, it negotiates to resolve the important differences. An electronic copy of the TRNSL and related license agreement principles is available on ANKOS web site. We would like to see these important points in a license agreement:

• All users of the member institutions, including walk-in users, shall have access,

• Licensed Materials shall be used for ILL purposes, in course packs and e-reserves,

• At the end of the license period, a renewal by request shall be provided, rather than an automatic renewal

• COUNTER compliant usage statistics for the licensed material shall be provided,

• Perpetual access to the licensed materials shall be granted,

• ANKOS rights shall be protected against unauthorized usage by a single user of a member institution or when a member institution fails to pay its license fee on time,

• Multi-year agreements shall be provided,

• Shall be allowed participating member institutions to cancel their print subscriptions and to select e-only access agreements for ANKOS,

• Invoicing shall be scheduled according to the state institutions’ budget usage terms, so that payments can be done at the end of the third month in a calendar year,

• New ANKOS members shall be allowed to join in an existing deals, and also allowing members to opt-out of multi-year deals, according to determined terms

• Should allow for ANKOS agreements to be transferred to the another consortium that can replace ANKOS, including its members

• Parties agree to exercise good faith in dispute resolution and/or in case of an unresolved issue or breach of a term, any legal proceedings shall be governed by Turkish law and court cases will be conducted in Turkish courts of justice.

• In order to form a consortium for a database, a minimum of 5 members are need for multi-disciplinary databases, and 3 members for special subject databases.

• After making a decision to form a consortium for a database, a contact person will be assigned by ANKOS President’s Office

• Contact person coordinates the communications between member institutions and vendors, publishers and database providers, and also provides support to the members and their users when they have any technical problem with access to the database. By law for Governing Relations Between ANKOS and Vendors, Publishers and Database Providers ANKOS with its 136 number of member institutions is a member of the ICOL(International Coalition of Library Consortia). Being a member of this prestigious international organization and aware of its role and responsibilities, ANKOS has adopted ICOLC procedures and practices. Compatible with these standards, below instructions should be followed:

• ANKOS invites local and international vendors, publishers and database providers to collaborate with the Consortium and its member libraries. The support that we get from our institutions and the cooperation are important in terms of the continuity of the development of ANKOS and its dynamic structure.

• ANKOS encourages vendors, publishers and database providers to contact directly with member libraries for information and training purposes. However, requests to promote the products that have been introduced to Turkish university libraries with an ANKOS Consortium price and to offer trial access for those products shall be submitted directly to ANKOS Center via the Publisher Application Form.

• Promotional presentations will be provided at annual ANKOS Meetings for local participants of member libraries. ANKOS can also organize regional meetings for these presentations.

• “ANKOS consortium price” given by vendors, publishers and database providers for each proposal providers shall be submitted to ANKOS Center via completing the Publisher Application Form available on ANKOS Web page.

• Price negotiations are carried by Database Evaluation Group with the coordination of ANKOS Presidents Office. Later, the President’s Office will deliver the acceptable price offers to ANKOS members, via Database Evaluation Group, in order to ask members’ comments and to reach an agreement. Without this process, neither ANKOS nor member libraries will recognize the price offer as legal and as an ANKOS consortium deal.

• ANKOS is grateful to its sponsors for their support in its annual meetings, workshops and preparation of educational materials. In this regard, we appreciate the local representatives who cooperate with us to achieve our goals and targets according to business ethics.

• ANKOS will try to do its best to provide sponsors with easy communication and sharing opportunities as well as to provide a proper location at the meetings in order to allow them to display or promote their products.

• ANKOS will also provide each sponsor with a proper location and a different time slot or a parallel session for their presentations at its annual meetings, commensurate with sponsorship fees announced before the meeting.

• All questions about this by law should be directed to the ANKOS Center.

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